Rain - Kate Sala

My Blue Tree - Gary O'Reilly

Princess Cha - Maddison Glover, Chris Watson, Neils Poulsen

​Locklin's Bar - Maggie Galagher 

Tracks Of My Tears - Josh Talbot

Ridin' The Rodeo - Rhonda Mathieson, Sue Fisher


Thinkin' Country - Simon Ward

A Little Love Trip - Vikki Morris & Julie Lockton

Humble and Kind - Stephen Patterson

Quiero - Ira Weisburd

Big Blue Tree - Ria Voss 

Life Of The Party - Maddison Glover

Tuesday Blues - Simon Ward


Dance With Me - Linda Burgess

Love Runs - Stephen Patterson, Brett Jenkins

About Feelings - Ria Voss

​Teddy Bears Picnic - Rob Fowler, Shelly Guichard & Conor McVeigh

I Still Believe - Gordon Elliott

​Zydeco Lady - C. Hookie


Winner At A Losing Game - Mark Simpkin & Travis Taylor

Give - Gordon Elliott

Sinatra & Chardonnay - Peter & Alison

A Long Way Home - Gordon Elliott

Better When I'm Dancin' _ Josh Talbot

​The Driver - Travis Taylor

It Takes All Kinds - Dianna Dawson


2nd Hand Heart - Jennifer Hughes & Kevin Formosa

S.T. One - Rachael McEnaney-White

Blackpool By The Sea - Gaye Teather

Making History - Craig Bennett (UK), Dee Musk (UK), Simon Ward

Spirit Of The Anzacs - Sue Luke

Bring Down The House - Linda Burgess

Rainy Days And Mondays - Stephen Patterson


Bring On The Good Times - Gary Orielly, Maggie Gallagher

​Teenage Dreamin' - Maddison Glover

I Love You - Gordon Elliott

Hat Full Of Rain - Linda Pink

Making Memories - Antionett John

Wolves - Travis Taylor, Anne Herd


Why Baby Why - Maddison Glover

I Wanna Dance - Tim Gauci

Rock & Roll King - Rachael McEnaney-White

Frankie Fever - Maddison Glover

Strip It Down - Rachael McEnaney-White


Ain't Misbehavin' - Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski & Amy Glass

Lose You - Travis Taylor

Love Sweet Love - Anne Herd

Walk Of Shame - Simon Ward (AU) & Niels Poulsen 

Do A Little Life - Michelle Risley and Maddison Glover

Teach Me To Dance - Rosalie Mckay


Alvaro - Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson

My Broken Souvenirs - Margaret Warren

Judge Not - Rachael McEnaney-White

Every Little Thing - Josh Talbot

Drift Away - Rob Fowler

Pieces - Dustin Betts 


Your Heaven - Niels Poulsen 

Break On Me - Josh Talbot

Let It Swing - Jamie Barnfield 

High On Lovin' You - Tim Gaucie 

Love Drunk - Josh Talbot

All I Ask You - Tim Gaucie


Girls Will Be Girls - Lu Olsen

Love Junk - Chris Watson, Simon Ward

Dig Your Heels - Maddison Glover

Living Next Door To Alice - Lu Olsen

Getaway Driver - Linda Burgess

Last Chance Dance - Maddison Glover


In Case You Didn't Know - Vivienne Scott & Kim Ray

Someone To Love - Tim Gaucie

​Try Everything - Adrian Lefebour