Smoke and MirrorsDarren Mitchell & Stephen Patterson
Lost In LoveMaddison Glover & Simon Ward


FoundGordon Elliott
For The World
Maddison Glover
Man Of My Word - Revise

Jennifer Hughes & Darren Mitchell


Get It RightMaddison Glover                    
Texas Time
Josh Talbot
One Moment In Time

Stephen Patterson


Good Friends Jennie Berry                  
Down To The Honky Tonk
Darren Mitchell
Vanotek Cha

Gary O'Reilly

Fall Down Or FlyBill Larson


RumourTim Gaucie                     
Sweet Caroline
Darren Bailey
I Wanna Love Like That Again

Jennifer Hughes

Soggy Bottom SummerCathy & Tia Breed
Hero's And FriendsJennifer Hughes


Whiskey BridgesMaddison Glover                    
I Close My Eyes
Hazel Pace
Let Me Keep You Warm

Dee Musk

Coming HomeLu Olsen
Pull You ThroughMaddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski


Outside Looking InGordon Elliott                    
Cold Feet
Gary O'Reilly
Born To Love You

Luke Watson

To The Moon and BackGary O'Reilly
AshesWanda & Hotma


85Rachael McEnaney-White & Kerry Maus
Hey Senorita ABSuzy Beau
Hot 2 Touch

Darren Mitchell

All The Kings HorsesA. Biggs & Peter Metelnick 


Playing Every Honky TonkVerity & Dennis Foley
A Complete Change
Niels Poulsen
Like Vinyl

Darren Mitchell & Elaine Montgomery

Someone For YouLuke Watson
You Are The ReasonJosh Talbot