Outside Looking InGordon Elliott                                    
Cold Feet
Gary O'Reilly     
Born To Love You

Luke Watson

To The Moon and BackGary O'Reilly

AshesWanda & Hotma


RumourTim Gaucie                                     
Sweet Caroline
Darren Bailey     
I Wanna Love Like That Again

Jennifer Hughes

Soggy Bottom Summer Cathy & Tia Breed

Hero's And Friends Jennifer Hughes


Good Friends Jennie Berry                                  
Down To The Honky Tonk
Darren Mitchell     
Vanotek Cha

Gary O'Reilly

Fall Down Or FlyBill Larson


85Rachael McEnaney-White & Kerry Maus
Hey Senorita ABSuzy Beau     
Hot 2 Touch

Darren Mitchell

All The Kings HorsesA. Biggs & Peter Metelnick 



Smoke and MirrorsDarren Mitchell & Stephen Patterson                
Lost In LoveMaddison Glover & Simon Ward     
Man Of My Word - Revise

Jennifer Hughes & Darren Mitchell


FoundGordon Elliott                
For The World
Maddison Glover     
Man Of My Word - Revise

Jennifer Hughes & Darren Mitchell


Playing Every Honky TonkVerity & Dennis Foley
A Complete Change
Niels Poulsen     
Like Vinyl

Darren Mitchell & Elaine Montgomery

Someone For YouLuke Watson

You Are The ReasonJosh Talbot


Whiskey BridgesMaddison Glover                                    
I Close My Eyes
Hazel Pace     
Let Me Keep You Warm

Dee Musk

Coming HomeLu Olsen

Pull You ThroughMaddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski


Get It RightMaddison Glover                                    
Texas Time
Josh Talbot     
One Moment In Time

Stephen Patterson