Quit Stallin' - Justine Shuttleworth
Until Good Gets Here - Gary O'Reilly
Easy Love - Karolyna Caceres Lopez (France) 

Oops Baby - Cody Flowers and Rachael McEnaney-White 
Where I'll Stay - Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings 
Missing - Darren Mitchell
Simple Things - Gaye Teather

​Broken - Stephen Patterson & Lu Olsen


Back In Style - Tracie Lee

Everywhere - Darren Mitchell & Jennifer Hughes

Play That Song - Josh Talbot

Hold Me Now - Stephen Paterson, Josh Talbot, Brett Jenkins

It's Me - Jennifer Hughes

Two Ships - Jennifer Hughes

​Another Crazy Year - Maddison Glover


I'm So Excited - Josh Talbot

Forever Country - Stephen Patterson

Hold On - Vi Hoooker

The Wire - Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings

Obsessed - Roxanne Moates, Luke Watson, Stephen Watson

The Woman I Worship - Jennifer Hughes 


​Perfect - Alison Johnson & Josh Talbot

Diamonds and Daughters - Maddison & Tom Glover

I Came To Love You - Dee Musk & Gary O'Reilly

Feel The Beat - Chris Watson

​High And Dry - Peter Fry


Heaven On Earth - Simon Ward & Malene Jakobsen

Water Off A Ducks Back - Hazel Pace

Lady In Red - Simon Ward

​Champagne Promise - Tina Argyle

Lucky Boy's Dream - Maddison Glover


Road Less Traveled - Vikki Morris

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Gordon Elliott

A Reason To Stay - Luke Watson 

​Belles Belles Belles - Maddison Glover

It's Over - Kate Simpkin , Josh Talbot 

Time To Surrender -  Rachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward


Lonely Drum - Darren Mitchell

Love Remains - Gary O'Reilly